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Business Support
Ocean Unicare Facility provides total office support services Based on our client specific requirements we have the ability to customize and integrate solutions wherein the client and the end user perceives value and true solutions to their office requirements.

Our Range Services

Customer Services
- Reception
- Visitor handling
- Conference Facilities & Co-ordination
- Back Office
- Telephone and EPABX Services
Internal Services & Logistics
- Mail Handling
- Reprographics
- Office Supplies
- Space Management
- Pantry Management & Pest Control

Garden and Lawn Upkeep
- Lawn Care and Maintenance
- Shrub Reshaping and Pruning
- Hedge Cutting and Trimming
- Weeding and Mowing
- Managing Indoor Plants
- Fertilizer Management
- Improve Aesthetics thru Hedges, Lawns and Trees.
- Landscape Planning

We understand that all organizations need timely and effective office and other administrative support services to operate efficiently. The Ocean team has in its expertise the ability to understand these requirements and draw the right plan for the different requirements of its clients. We provide various professionals like information and record clerks, Front Office Receptionists, Bell Desk staff etc who are adept in their field of activities. We also manage office supply requirements and Office space management. The Ocean team is associated even with small supportive office services including mail management, riders management, office boys management. We leave you to take care of your core operations and you can leave it on us to manage all the rest.

Our Horticultural Team have the ability to manage landscaping for large projects and have been involved with facilities right from Project stage to ensure that all part of the facilities are ready almost simultaneously . Our team of experts take special care by creating the right theme and ambience for each site.

We are singularly focused on facility management services, this focus, combined with our active, private ownership, enables us to give each of our clients the attention they deserve.

Our Facilities
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